Friday, September 23, 2011

living here like WTH sometimes

i'm missing you and Kedah very much. the old place i used to live and deal with surroundings and people in there. i could see the difference between here and there. here, living in Kota Bharu, generally yea this is my own place, been raised up in here, technically, i'm not so familiar with Kota Bharu, but then why i felt so awkward huh? maybe because i'm not familiar with this place. ? haihh.. 

okay, i'm so lazy just now. i can't continue write this, like usual huh? haha, i'm so fucked up myself along this week. still can't decide for FIN 420. take it or drop it for the other/next semester. seriesshit i can't decide this, till now. how terrible i am. people, what say you ? can u please figure me out of this problem, can u ?

Monday, September 12, 2011

not so happy

ah yes! i'm indeed!