Monday, June 6, 2011

the aching wallet

my wallet was aching. my mind was sore. it was getting painful whenever u go around and see stuff anywhere, everywhere, even u didn't go to them, they came to you to begging u, "oh pleasssssssssssssseee..take me away, i'm the most valuable thing tht u shouldn't let go" oh pleeeasssssssssseee. omg.. ini dugaan betul la.. being jobless and i'm absolutely doing nothing at home is suck! indeed! i was pulling out my strength seek for a job. a real quick job. because being home all the time is not good, isn't it? YES! by all means!

xpe nur, sabar nur! ur wishlists xlari kemana! keep updating the wishlists from time to time :) listkan dulu mana yg nak ye! nnti bila abah bg duit yg banyak, bila da dapat kerja duit gaji nnti berbelanja la dgn seenaknya :DD

oh, btw, i've just got myself a brand new iphone4 ! yeay!!               *haha tipu je*           the real thing is, akeem (lil brother) just got himself a new football shoe, the new jerseys, and the other stuffs! and and and... on top of that, he's got a notebook! :)) yeay tumpang gembira...xjealous pun.. *lucky boy* i'm supposed to be grateful to have such a luckiest little brother like him! *AMINNN* 

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