Tuesday, August 23, 2011

BBA (Hons) in Finance

Assalamualaikum. Alhamdulillah, I've been offered to continue my studies in Finance majoring in Business Administration! i'am so happy of course but this is not the main issue that i want to talk about....i felt so awkward. Hello, i'm truly deeply don't want to involve with any Maths anymore, but then, a degree in Finance ? haihs.. yea,,blame on me. my own stupido, i do what i don't want to do.. i don't know where to go, what i should do on that time. i just go through. just follow the path. just put myself on a right track yea i guess, but then regret with nothing, useless!

let's think positive.  mungkin ada hikmah atas apa yg terjadi ni kan? InsyaAllah, Allah akan mempermudahkan jalan hambaNya. *amin* jom belajar rajin2! :D oh btw untuk degree nanti i've put a high dream to achieve them! since i'm a slow learner in Maths ( i admittedly),  tapi i nak DL FOR ALL SEMESTERS okay! i'am so really mean, grad with 1st class degree in Finance. what a Wow?!  InsyaAllah.  so i need to struggling to LEARN! FOCUS IN A CLASS! WORK HARD! BE SYSTEMATIC, MANAGE THE TIME WELL, DO LIKE A PROFESSIONAL, the most important thing is, don't ever do any kid's stuffs! ergh! i need to huha and hula also, but not all the time la eh. because this time i need to learn how to be independent, sensible, professional, flexible is a must!

do dare me with anything!  i will do it well :)

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