Thursday, May 17, 2012


Last night, i slept almost 10hours like a baby and woke up with smile. Alhamdulillah, finally got a chance to get an enough sleep :)) i'm struggled on that sinceeeeeee i don't know when. i don't want to wake up with regrets anymore. i want to wake up in the morning with a packed of schedule. yes, i want to be busy like a boss. i love my hectic life, i'm growing and keep learning, past had taught me so many things that i never expect. so now, i'm ready with that, with unexpected things in unexpected life!

sometimes, when i get lost,  to get back on a right track, all i can do is do a lot of Du'a. It shows me the way, it heals me and makes me more stronger. tiada siapa dapat memujuk hati kita, melainkan kita sendiri. i just silent up myself and trying to shut everything off in a little while. Until now, i keep improving myself to be better as a human being, i keep learning because life is about gaining more experience.

and, i will focus more on my family. they're the most that i should really care about. whatever happens, family comes first. i will never neglect my responsibilities on them. they're my top priority, to be kakak yang baik and yea strict sometimes like i used to be, i can drive them anywhere they want to gooooo and buy an ice cream for them, celebrating each birthday :)) if they get hurt, i will heal them, and we can clean up a house together, :)

dan awak, saya harap awak boleh terima keputusan saya dengan baik. saya xnak musnahkan persahabatan yang telah kita bina sekian lama. saya sayangkan persahabatan kita. saya harap awak faham.

another 'love'? i don't want to take another love for granted. i dont want to love another man just want to forget the love lost, the past. NO. let it comes naturally, beautifully and with fully of my heart. and now, i don't want to think about love.indeed. my heart is soooooo tired. let me be alone, let me cheering up myself every single day, every single minute, let me hide the sadness, let everybody jeopardize the life. let me be with my main purpose in life, kerana,, ada cinta yang lagi hebat, iaitu cinta kepada yang Maha Kuasa, Allah.
pray for me people.

barakallah :)

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