Thursday, July 25, 2013

OK, This is a quick update from me since past few days I was started to consume Steroid, a kind of medicine, not sure it scientific name tp Masyaallah ubat ni buat  aku mengantuk sangat-sangat. now pun dah rasa mengantuk.

It's been a long long loooooooooongggg time no update. ada lagi ke orang nak blogging ye sekarang? dgn dah ada Instagram and the like. I think I want to start write again. rindu! blogging, blogwalking till late night since now I have so much time to spend with. Now nak update blog pun dah senang sejak dah boleh update guna phone kan :)

I was kept myself in silence because of few reasons plus I am not so into writing, nothing inspiring me, I left this blog hmmm almost a year I guess.

But from now and onwards InsyaAllah I will never leave this blog bersawang lagi. hehe. Ok need to sleep. Good night peeps! selamat bersahur & berpuasa :)

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