Wednesday, March 23, 2011

today is a big day :D

hye, good evening ppl! :D ni bukan baru bgn tdo ye.. i was woke up at 9.45 a.m lagi tau.

now it is evening ! since 9.45 till now, i'm doing nothing! nothing! oh oh, i already had a breakfast prepared by suenara after woke up from my bed. heaven! 

what i'm gonna do today ya everybody ??

hm, instead of cleaning up my room, i need to do something else like cook a dish, be a baby sitter, workaholic do a tonne of assignments, date with a boyfie maybe :)), window shopping or messing around fb xlah kot sbb geng kaki balik rumah. hm, apa eh ??

*wondering n pondering**


1. clean up the room. do decorate a lil things tht i'd aimed to change it last  month. will do today ya ppl :))
2. clean up all around the house. a hall, a kitchen maybe. 
3. mungkin i akan basuh kain selimut. da bau masam da
4. mandi! haha, agak-agak smpai pkul brapa la br bleh mandi ye ?? :DD
5. lepas mandi i nk buat assgnments la, dimulai dgn legal, nk compile smua, i'm gonna fix everything today includes the marketing plan. there's too much correction need to amend. yeah, in order to finish up this ETR project successfully we need to think outside the box! uuuyeah. penat kan? i ni da la jns slow, so nk kne blaja buat keje dgn cepat bukan sng :( even yeah i boleh made to order tp lambat ya kawan2, so nk kne start ape2 i kne start awal. haih. 
6. done with the assignments so boleh la dating :)) 
7. lepas dating boleh la smbung marketing plan lg...buat smpai habis ok. then br boleh smbung dgn operational plan.
8. blogwalking
9. tdo
10. bermimpi indah. indah2 je okay 


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  1. gud luck dear.. banyak pekara yang perlu dipikirkan dan dibuat skung.urmm..:D